Past, Present or Future – which is more real

Past, Present or Future – which is more real?
By: Myra Scott-Smith

The body never lies

Hidden within the energy fields, organs chakras & glands of the body are memories that can be triggered by an event, or by meeting a person with whom we have had a past connection, or by being reminded in dreams of old traumas experienced in other existences. These powerful memories do not always reach the conscious mind, they have been so long buried or repressed.

The body is the instrument of the soul

The soul holds all the memories and experiences we have ever had. Sometimes it is so burdened and heavy that it cries out in deepest, darkest pain. And sometimes it almost raises our bodies off the ground and into the air with its overwhelming cry of joy.

A man who had real problems with intimacy and commitment came to me to search out any past lives holding him back. He was desperate to find answers to his failure in relationships. It appears to me that most spiritually unaware men find it particular difficult to acknowledge that its possible they were a woman in a past life – their current life conditioning not allowing for the ‘weaknesses’ that appear to be a woman’s experience in life.

‘Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.’

Richard was in his mid 30′s and wanted to be able to ‘just love someone’ without the fears and inner pain and anxiety he usually experienced within his relationships.

As we progressed back in time, a drama started to unfold. Imagine yourself being a woman in a place where this type of woman was ‘the lowest’ class of citizen. Raped simply because you happened to be handy, you are then forced to give birth to a baby, having suffered all the degradation and disgust of your community for getting yourself into this predicament. Never mind the discomfort of pregnancy, you are rejected by your family and the man that raped you, and, feeling lonely, unsupported and unloved, you die in childbirth. What sort of thoughts would be racing round your mind as you lay dying and unloved? How would you feel about being a woman? How would you feel about men? What hate, shame, helplessness, fear and rejection would be with you as you died?

And this was not the only lifetime he had experienced bad or negative experiences around being female. This man now so hated being with a woman that he hated women.

But there is more to this story….. He was so disgusted at the way that men had treated him when he was a woman, that he further despised and mistrusted all men and therefore himself for being a man.

Creating Change

He had been aware of none of this, only of the results of broken hearts and relationships. And what he was doing was recreating the same future experiences built from the blueprints of his experiences in the past (lives). Unless he changed the ‘blueprints’ he would continue to recreate what he had created, and experience what he had experienced.

Now we were beginning to understand the deep pain hidden in the psyche and being of this man. His surprise at re-connecting with the very real experience of childbirth helped him to understand and embrace the female aspect and history (or in this case her-story) of himself, and opened the way for a relationship with women that was not built on pain.

He was able to firstly forgive men, and then himself for being a man and so he was able to move forward again as a man. The continuing pain he had always had in his lower back started to ease and over a very short period of time cleared completely. The pain in his lower abdomen (arising as he remembered the birth experience) shifted, eased and dissipated as I worked on him in the session.

Time & time again, past life experiences and traumas arise when I work with clients. I am a kinesiologist, and work with clearing and balancing the energetic fields in and around the body. For 10 years, people with deep pain and trauma have come to me. They generally have tried many other modalities or techniques of healing, before hearing that I deal with past life experiences.

Have we met before?

What makes the ‘average’ person think that ‘what you see is what you get’ when it comes to the people they meet in the daily round? We often focus on a person’s history in relationships when we are first getting to know them. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. What about those people you meet that you hate instantly, and have trouble justifying your ‘feeling’ about them? And more often than not, you talk yourself out of not liking them, only to find that they let you down, or do something that confirmed your first instant reaction. This is usually as a result of a negative past experience with that person.

Or the person you like on first meeting, and are drawn to them instantly. The resulting friendship seems to emanate from a deeper ‘knowing’ than just what they look or seem like, or the similarity of your social and cultural backgrounds. It is often past life related.

Karma is sometimes involved with our relationships, and when we understand our old karma with a person, it can help us to deal with the relationship in a wiser fashion without re-creating more of the same (karma). Most karma is as a result of a broken agreement with someone in another time and place.

Letting Go

Past life awareness appears to be growing in popularity as people search for answers not supplied by books, physicians, religion, drugs or courses. More & more people are beginning to question why they do the things they do, why they react the way they react, or why they cannot let go of someone that they very much need to distance themselves from in order to remain healthy, or to be able to think for themselves or to remain in their own power.

The intelligence of our being is much maligned. There is a knowing and wisdom hidden deep within our very cells, and emanating out and beyond even the aura. We have ties to loved ones that are invisible to the naked eye, cords to those we cannot let go of that need to be cut, and areas of strength and weakness in our auric field that can be enhanced or healed. We each have several purposes we wish to accomplish each lifetime. This also is hidden as a memory deep within.

The reason that we are not fully conscious of all our past life experiences and agreements is because we would not be able to function in everyday life if we were consciously aware of them. To remember all the traumatic events, broken promises, karmic people we must meet and deal with etc., would not assist us in babyhood or as a dependent child. It would be like going into an exam, with our heads full of all the minutes, hours, days, weeks etc of everything we had ever done in our lives thus far. We would be too overwhelmed and distracted with the information to be able to deal with the task in hand – namely passing the exam.

Our need to focus on learning and growing so that we may survive is in-built. We must get past childhood and accept the cultural belief systems (usually that we have chosen along with our parents) before we can begin to come to grips with who we really are. Often (but not always) our childhood is a clue as to why we are here and what we have to work through to find our wholeness.

People who find themselves on the spiritual path are often pleased when they discover past ‘spiritual’ lifetimes, and sometimes a bit disappointed to find that they ran a whore house or had great fun playing the coquette at the French Court. When we learn to accept all the parts we have played in the game of life, and understand each experience has its own lesson, we can move on to being in the NOW.

Past lives work is not always necessary for everyone, some people seeming to be more ‘charmed’ in this current lifetime – generally because of good karma or merit accrued, or because they are in a lifetime of rest and recuperation. Others experience great drama continually, as they are forced (just like at exam time) to deal with the outstanding issues in a more positive or beneficial way. In these circumstances, knowing the past, and directly working on the body, the being, aura and soul can quickly move and clear the issues, and allow peace and inner happiness back in the soul.

We are all in this experience we call ‘Life’ together, each having played parts we are proud of and some not so proud of. Each of us trying the best we know how to ‘make it work’ and achieve our goals.

Dealing with all levels and spheres of our lives, not just our career, not just loving our families, not just health and fitness, will benefit our soul growth and evolution. And have life make more sense ….. and more fun!

Myra is a kinesiologist and teaches workshops on Past Lives, Affirmations and also Soul & Relationships. She is currently practicing in Melbourne and consults when interstate holding these workshops.

Copyright 2000, Myra Scott-Smith