Learn: "How To Attract The Partner You Desire"Author David Newton (NLP Prac)

This is a special 7 Part e-Course - designed around giving you "real-world" tips and suggestions about how to attract into your life a relationship with the partner you truly will desire and passionately enjoy company with in your life. Over The Next 7 Weeks, you'll get a new lessons that will both challenge and test you to discovering a new way to look at your relationships and the partners you date. As an added bonus, after the course, you'll get some extra tips on dating for those who seriously want to improve their opportunities in their relationships - and want to elevate their overall dating experience. No fluff - no extra padding - just practical things that will work in your part of the world.  Course Editor: David Newton

PLUS You'll also get:
1. my eBook "The Smart Way To Play The Personals" (approx 37 pages PDF Download)
2. my audio MP3 "Ten Secrets Of Meeting People"  (an audio download 23minutes MP3 )

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