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Spiritual Intelligence - Copyright © 2004 by Jane Roder



In the early 1990’s a neurologist at the University of California demonstrated scientifically and concluded that there was a spiritual centre in the human brain, as the temporal lobes lit up whenever research subjects were asked questions on spiritual subjects. This has been called “The God Spot".

This part of the brain gives us the capacity and the sensitivity to question the meaning and value of specific aspects of our life = spiritual intelligence.

Human beings are essentially spiritual in nature because we are driven to ask fundamental questions about life, for example:

Why has this happened to me? What is my purpose here on earth? What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die? Is this situation good for me? Why don’t I feel happy when my life is so blessed?

It is the inner journey of becoming more aware of the big picture, of ourselves, the universe, and our place and purpose in it.

Every culture on earth has developed some form of spirituality to deal with the bigger questions of life, so we can assume we are naturally spiritual, even if we choose to deny its existence.


In our society we may have the job we love, great friends, the fancy car, everything that is supposed to make us happy, but somehow these things are not enough, as many people still feel empty and lonely.

In our materialistic modern world our spiritual intelligence is the search for meaning beyond the physical world and material possessions. When we don’t tap into our spiritual essence there remains this constant nagging feeling that there must be “more to life”.

But why do so few people find happiness and inner peace? In the Western World our society is characterized by a lack of emotional and spiritual intelligence as most of us worship materialism, and instant emotional and physical gratification. Consequently we turn to food, drink, drugs, gambling or sex to try to fill ourselves up and to get rid of the emptiness that we feel. There tends to be a lack of morals, a lack of family, a lack of a sense of community, and ultimately a lack of inner peace and meaning in our lives.

Traditional religion has lost its ground but our spiritual essence still lies within us. When a culture doesn’t provide spiritual visions for the people, the answer is to develop individual’s spiritual intelligence by developing a new level of consciousness (awareness/thinking/possibilities) that will give human beings greater meaning, inner peace and happiness.

 We are starting to realize that Spiritual Intelligence (consciousness) has the power to transform our life, civilization, the planet and the course of history.


It is the intelligence with which we solve problems of meaning and value, and place our lives within a wider context. It’s the intelligence that enables us to assess that one course of action is more meaningful than another. It is working with our inner flame and making choices that are in line with our deepest desires. This is uniquely human and it allows us to change the rules and alter situations. Without it neither IQ nor EQ (Emotional Intelligence) can function properly, and it ultimately becomes the void that people are feeling. It is a holistic concept incorporating mind, body and spirit.

SQ has no necessary connection to religion and by a person being religious it doesn’t necessarily guarantee high SQ, in fact often the opposite is the case. (Just as some people who say they are spiritual are not spiritual).

“The word spiritual comes from the Latin root spiritus, which means "breath"--referring to the breath of life. It involves opening our hearts and cultivating our capacity to experience awe, reverence and gratitude. It is the ability to see the sacred in the ordinary, to feel the poignancy of life, to know the passion of existence and to give ourselves over to that which is greater than ourselves. Its aim is to bring about greater love and compassion for all people and living things. Its effect: good physical and mental health”- David N Elkins

“Great men are they who see that the spirit is stronger than any other material force.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

 “Men go abroad and wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the oceans, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.” - St Augustine

 “We have a choice; we can either create heaven or hell in our lives and on earth.” - Anonymous

The Almighty isn't dead, he's an energy field. And your mind is an electromagnetic map to your soul. - Michael Persinger

Test your SQ

The test below has been worked out from ancient wisdoms, religious ideas and cultures from all around the world (from East and West).

 Do you recognize the following in yourself?

  • Total and absolute personal honesty to self and others. The capacity to be authentic and real.
  • The capacity to laugh a lot – to be spirited. Laughter opens up the mind and the senses and is thus one of the prerequisites for intimacy and love.
  • The capacity to be flexible and spontaneous.
  • A high degree of self-awareness (re-your subconscious fears and limiting beliefs and how they are still affecting your life).
  • The art of transforming pain and suffering into happiness and joy.
  • A belief that everything, no matter how bad, happens for a reason and it serves us.
  • The quality of being inspired by visions and strong core values.
  • A reluctance to cause unnecessary harm to anyone or anything.
  • An awareness that everything and everyone is connected (having “a holistic approach” to life)
  • An awareness of the magnificence of everything in the universe.
  • An understanding of the power of daily gratitude.
  • A marked tendency to ask “Why?” or What if? questions. Being what psychologists call “field” independent” - possessing a facility for working against convention.
  • Awareness and knowledge of the universal laws at play in our life eg. the law of attraction, the law of gratiiude
  • A strong desire to share wisdom, knowledge and skills
  • A strong desire to want to make a difference to other people’s lives.
  • An innate understanding that nature and meditation raises our awareness as it enhances our insights into all things.
  • The tendency to operate from the higher self (the heart and soul space/LOVE) rather than the lower self (the head/ego space/FEAR)


Change all fear based thinking and behaviours to love based thinking and behaviours



A human “doing”
“Shit happens”

Blame others and the past for problems= feel unhappy, disconnected, empty,feeling of being a victim and a failure

A human “being”
“I create my reality”

Take responsibility for own outcomes = feel happy and connected to self, others and universal forces

  • Fear of success, failure or change
  • Negative attitudes and beliefs
  • Lack of love for self and others
  • Low self esteem
  • Anger
  • Guilt/Worry
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Lack respect for self and others
  • Non-giving
  • Obsessive and addictive behaviours
  • The need to please others for approval
  • Judgement of self and others
  • Ignore intuition and creativity
  • Deceit
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of forgiveness
  • Unable to influence or inspire others
  • No self awareness - unaware
  • Lack of gratitude
  • Unreliable
  • Closed mind
  • Overcome fear of failure or success
  • Positive attitudes and beliefs
  • Love of self and others
  • High self esteem
  • Re-direct and heal anger, forgive
  • Live in the present,not the past/ future
  • Love of life and joy
  • Respect for self and others
  • Giving and sharing
  • Devoid of obsessions and addictions
  • No need for constant approval
  • Lack of judgement of self and others
  • Work with intuition and creativity
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Commitment to projects and others
  • Trust self and others
  • Ability to forgive
  • Ability to inspire and influence
  • Self- observation, reflection, awareness
  • Daily gratitude for the little things
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Open minded

Daily SQ Test – Constantly check yourself to see if you are operating from love (the higher self) or fear (lower self).



It’s self-love and feeding your inner flame, your deepest desires.
It’s making conscious choices that are in direct alignment with your deepest desires.
It’s being open to the joy that life has to offer.
It’s honouring yourself, setting personal boundaries, and being prepared to say “no” sometimes.
It’s not worrying about what other people think of you because you feel secure within yourself.
It’s becoming a more authentic person and taking off your personality mask.
It involves taking responsibility for developing an individual code of morals & values and living by these values.
It’s taking responsibility for the results you are getting and creating in your life
It’s personal honesty at any cost and getting real
It’s seeing adverse and painful situations as an opportunity for personal growth.
It’s coming to terms with death and seeing it as natural as birth.
It’s knowing that life is always changing that we cannot control anything – that nothing is guaranteed or certain.
It’s knowing what drives you.
It’s recognizing what pain from the past is still affecting your life today and what needs to be healed within you.
It’s knowing who you truly love, and what you are truly passionate about.
It’s knowing who and what you would die for.
It’s knowing what you would give up the Porsche and the big house for.
It’s about truly feeling the universal energy at work and feeling the oneness and connection to all people and all living things.
It’s an appreciation of the healing properties of nature.
It is about love for all people, honesty, integrity, trust, creativity, compassion, commitment, fun, forgiveness, joy, self-love, and all the higher ideals in life that give us a sense of meaning and purpose.
It’s becoming more enlightened on a heart and soul level.
It’s getting out of the head space (of musts, shoulds and have to’s).
It’s being able to sit still with yourself in complete silence for a period of time to find the wise answers within.
It’s getting the damaged adult part of yourself out of the way, and returning to the unconditional love and joy of the child state, so you can make a difference to your own life and other people’s lives.
It’s about the protection and development of the soul, and the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime for us to evolve to a higher level of consciousness - to become more compassionate, loving and forgiving (to get in touch with our spiritual self).
It is being aware that all the great spiritual masters taught the same messages– these being love of self and others, honesty, forgiveness, joy, lack of judgment, sharing, faith, gratitude etc.
It’s is being constantly conscious that our words and actions affect every individual we interact with, in a positive or negative way – that these individuals then go out and affect others who also affect others. Knowing this truth we realize we have an individual responsibility to the universe. With this awareness we realize we have the capacity to change the world when we continually empower others in our day to day lives.

 Jesus said

“The kingdom of god lies within”  

Buddha said

“The greatest battle in life is the one with ourselves”  

We need to experience quiet and clear space in the mind to tap into our spiritual nature. Meditation, self-help books, courses, and being alone with nature are very powerful for this purpose.

We do not necessarily need to belong to a church or a religious group to access the power of spirituality. The power is within us .

About the Author

Jane Roder is a relationship coach/counsellor who has spent many years of her life studying personal development, the metaphysical, and many of the ancient spiritual wisdoms. Jane believes traditional psychology and psychotherapy still has a lot to learn from spirituality and the large part it plays in our overall mental health.

She is the founder of Relationship Remedies and the author of a new book “101 Ways to Win a Woman’s Heart” (published by Pennon). Three other books “How to Find Your Soul Mate”, “How to Achieve a Successful Separation & Divorce”, and “77 Secrets to Dynamic Relationships” are currently being sold internationally on the web. Visit:  for more details

Apart from her books, Jane offers seminars and phone counselling teaching people how to heal their lives and their relationships “from the inside out” (by raising individual’s emotional and spiritual intelligence).

Copyright © 2005 by Jane Roder

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