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How To Recognize Your Soulmate
Bruce Carter


Soulmates LoveBruce Carter - Soulmates

There might be many ways to understand why you are attracted to someone, out of the blue your heart starts pounding and your perspective on life changes to the absolute positive. Someone turns up into your life for an intimate relationship. Is this your soul mate?

A soul mate is recognized by the way he or she allows you to grow by working through and releasing emotions, fears, mistrust, and any other thinking that creates separation between you and a partner. A soul mate will guide you to experience increased unconditional love, fulfilment, peace and purpose. A journey with a soul mate is said to be circular, in that when you bring this person into your life the growth or development will be experienced that leads you back to the unconditional love and innocence that you had when you were a child. 

The essence of any true soul mate relationship is not about finding someone who loves you totally and completely but more about working through all the issues that stop you and your mate from loving each other unconditionally. Soul mates are on a journey together; over time you can expect to feel more and more love in with your mate and more at peace with yourself and harmony in the way you relate to each other.

The difference is created by an attraction that is felt deeply in your being at the level of your heart. Beyond the mind, which throws up emotions and fears that create separation between two people. A soul mate attraction is based on a heart-to-heart connection that our minds are unable to understand. This powerful connection has enough strength so you can grow through any issues that can arise between you and your mate. Meaning your deep heart-to-heart attraction is stronger enough to override fears you have of loving each other unconditionally. Your heart can guide your actions in the relationship more than your head.

The deep bond soul mates have is the foundation for rapid growth. Bit by bit you begin to live more of your true self or life purpose, as you break free from fears and insecurity that the mind creates. A soul mate frees you up to be more of who you want to be and help you break free from any limitation that your family and society has taught you about loving another human being. So you can experience more freedom to live your life fully in the ways you deeply desire. This comes through learning to trust in your heart, which your relationship can teach you and knowing it will guide you to become more in love each month.

A soul mate starts a healing journey for each other. Is likely to be intense as you work through what ever you don’t accept or love about yourself e.g.; lack of money, social standing, body shape etc. Soul mates help clear emotional and mental blocks that stop you from achieving your true desires. By being able to think from the heart and move beyond differences or fears that surface.

Your soul mate is aligned to your spiritual or soul’s purpose and he or she may not fit into what your family or friends would consider is your ideal mate but what ever upheaval you experience this will disappear as you both move closer to being more true to yourself and doing what is right for you. Inner peace is created though acceptance of each other’s differences and always learning to understand what your heart in thinking.

"Love throws up everything that it is not." ...  Eric Frome

But only your heart knows who your true soulmate is.

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(Bruce is based in Sydney Australia)

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