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Power Up Words to PUMP Up Your "Online Dating Profile" By: David Newton (c) 2007

Power words to "PUMP UP" your Online Dating Profile

Getting successful results through online dating is a matter of understanding psychology and the laws of supply & demand. Once you have a basic understanding of these two principles you can craft your profile to get far more attention than you may have in the past.

Thinking this through further ... your online dating presence is based almost entirely on words with the exception of your personal picture. The words that you use convey everything about you to the reader. You will attract attention from others based almost entirely on the words you use in your profile so it is essential that you select your words with great care.

Before we talk about how to use power words in your profile, let us first consider the psychology of attracting people through online dating. When a single person of the opposite sex does a search at an online dating site or online dating service they do so with some anticipation of finding their ideal mate. Usually most of us have high expectations of who that person is.

Nearly all of us want somebody who is positive, happy, fun to be with, active, confident, self assured, social, enjoys a good laugh, romantic, able to communicate, thoughtful, kind, affectionate, successful, an achiever, healthy, energetic, organized, capable, strong, determined, intelligent, expressive, artistic, creative, financially stable, good career, compassionate, understanding, good self esteem, dresses well, wide range of interests, gets things done, has emotional intelligence and so on. I call these characteristics "attraction qualities".

Contrast these attraction qualities with the opposite, or "repelling qualities" such as : lazy, negative, whinger, unemployed, broke, slob, boring, thoughtless, arrogant, chauvinist, apathy, complainer, uninterested, poor self esteem, sloppy dresser, messy, unorganized, filled with hatred, inactive, no goals, lacking confidence, and so on. Now most people don't directly use these repelling qualities in their profile, but that is the message that is conveyed to the reader.

So most of us when we search at an online dating site, are hoping we will find someone who has some of the attraction qualities. The demand for people with these attraction qualities is very high ... but here is the real key ... the supply of people with these attraction qualities is quite low. Now I don't literally mean that there are not loads of people with these qualities ... of course there are. It's just that they have not created their profile to convey these attraction qualities very effectively.

Imagine how much more success you would have from online dating if your profile was loaded with power words that conveyed these attraction qualities.

So if you are ready to pump up your profile with power words then lets get to work. The first thing you need to do is identify four or five power words or attraction qualities that relate to you. So if you are generally introverted then there would be no point using outgoing sociable person in your profile as that would be misleading. Never lie in your profile as you will always get found out in the end.

All of us have at least four or five good qualities that will appeal to others. Write a list of those four or five good qualities. So for example mine might be:

  • Optimistic
  • Goal focused
  • Passionate
  • Thinker

Now that you have your power words you need to write a short paragraph about each one. You don't need to write a novel, just two or three lines will do the job for each one. So continuing my example:

  • I am an optimistic person. I always look for the best in every situation and in people as I believe that you will find something good if you look for it. My optimistic nature means that I attract optimistic positive people to me.
  • My future is well planned out as I have a strong goal orientation. I know where I am going and driven to achieve my goals.
  • Most things in life I approach with great passion. I believe that passion is where the real energy and juice in life is. I am passionate about my work, my beliefs, and always passionate about my partner.
  • My friends would describe me as a thinker. I am an intelligent person who reads widely from personal development books through to philosophy and spirituality.

So you can see from the above example how I have taken a few key attraction qualities or power words, and turned them into the basis of a strong profile that describes who I am as a person. Using this type of approach will attract far more interest from people than using bland non-descriptive words.

Again let me point out that you must actually possess the qualities that you use as your power words. If you do not then you will eventually be found out. So look within yourself and identify four or five key qualities about yourself that will attract other people. They are there if you look for them.

So pump up your profile today with the use of power words. Load your profile full of attraction qualities and eliminate any of your repelling qualities. Think carefully about the words you use in your profile as it is the key to your success in online dating!