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The Law Of The Draw - By: Jim Green

The Law Of The Draw

Jim Green is a Writer, Speaker and Relationship Coach in Sydney

Recently I wrote an article about finding that perfect someone. You know, where and how to go about it and I mentioned the Law of the Draw and I would like to explain what that means. Have you ever been to a social function where people are gathered together for fun and conversation? I’m quite sure that you noticed there were always people that tended to draw the attention of others to themselves. They seemed to be the ‘life of the party’ to use a cliché. Well that is an example of what I call the ‘Law of the Draw’ and I would like to illustrate my point in another way by telling you a story.

I grew up in an area that had a lot of iron ore in the ground. Iron ore of course is one the raw materials that is used to make steel products. One day some adult told me that if I were to tie a magnet to a piece of string and then drag it across the ground something interesting would happen. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I found a magnet suitable for the task and went out and did just that- dragged it across the ground. When I picked it up it looked as though it was covered with ‘fur’. Actually they were tiny particles of iron that had stuck to the magnet. Now, I was really discovering something here and decided to take it a step further. I put a piece of paper underneath the magnet and proceeded to rub off the small piece of iron from the magnet and let them fall onto the piece of paper. Then I took the magnet and held it underneath the paper and the particles did something rather fascinating. ( at least for a 10 year old boy, it was fascinating) The particles began to ‘dance’ around on the paper. They reacted to the presence of the magnet and I discovered that even some of the bits of iron were aligning themselves along the north and south pole’s magnetic lines. Wherever the magnet went, the iron bits followed. Now this was something that I didn’t understand and when I asked someone why this was happening, they said something that I thought was simple yet rather profound. They said ‘they are just drawn to the power of the magnet’. So, there you have another example of the Law of the Draw. 

Now we are not pieces of iron, but the principle is the same. We tend to be drawn toward people that we like and in many cases it seems it is because ( as in our social function mentioned earlier) they seem to be happy with themselves and we probably assume they are also happy with their lives in general. Just think about that idea for a moment. How many of us would be attracted to people that are sullen, gloomy or just simply not very interactive with others? I would venture to guess that not many of us would be. On the other hand, we all want to be involved in something that is fun or entertaining- something that makes us laugh or brings us some enjoyment. That is just what the person that is the center of attention is doing on most occasions. 

Maybe they tell funny jokes or stories or keep us captivated with their feats of daring or adventure. The point is that we are drawn to those types of people and with the ‘Law of the Draw’ it works in much the same fashion. For those people that have built a life of happiness, contentment and fulfillment they will draw others to them, including the person that could very well end up being ‘the one’. Learn what would bring you happiness, contentment and fulfillment.