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Does Your Ideal Partner Exist?
By: Michelle Stanton


Does Your Ideal Partner Exist?
By: Michelle Stanton

Many single people I know are looking for their soulmate… someone out there who is perfect for them… their ideal partner.

The problem arises in trying to determine what “ideal” is!

One of my course participants had a “light bulb” moment, when he said that his description of his ideal partner made her seem like a robot… instead of a dynamic, living, breathing human being. A common mistake people make is to think that their ideal partner will remain static… a snapshot of perfection, whose sole purpose in life is to make them happy. They forget that their ideal partner will also be a human being with all that being human entails.

There are actually three parts to attracting your “ideal” partner:

i) Attracting someone who is attractive to you, into your life.
ii) Relating with this person in such a way, that you both love being in each other’s lives – the “honeymoon” period which could last from a few days to a few years.

iii) Sustaining and deepening the relationship beyond the honeymoon into a love affair of a lifetime.

As you can now see, your ideal partner does exist but it requires more than just meeting someone who seems ideal to you in the beginning. The simplistic notion of the “ideal” partner is a myth. 

Let me illustrate with an example of a friend of mine.

Susan met her husband about five years ago after writing a list of qualities she wanted in a partner. He had all of them. She was convinced that he was her ideal partner!

In the first four years, they lived through a honeymoon period where they accepted each other, warts and all. Eventually, the honeymoon ended and the blame game got under way. At this point, I doubt very much if they would consider each other ideal!

With approximately one out of two first marriages landing in the divorce courts and two out of three second marriages also failing (in Australia), it may be fair to say that the way many people live their lives, is not conducive to conducting a love affair over a life time. Either they attract Mr/Ms Wrong in the first place, or they lack the knowledge needed to deepen their primary relationship into unconditional love. Since it is madness to expect a different outcome if you keep doing what you have always done, wouldn’t you agree that it would be beneficial to explore a new approach to romance and life? 

Attract Your Ideal Partner in Peace … the ZEN approach

The secret of attracting your ideal partner is knowing how to live your life as a whole, in such a way that your ideal partner will walk in when you least expect it … without any effort on your part! The Zen approach is a powerfully different way to live your life. It goes way beyond positive thinking and belief change. It allows you to by-pass your belief system, as a whole, and taps into the WISDOM that goes beyond mind-limited intelligence… the source of intuition and creative genius. As a consequence, you stop being a slave of your past conditioning… repeating the cycles of experience based on the beliefs you adopted in your life to date. This is beautifully illustrated by a comment one of my graduates made, “I no longer attract frogs into my life… they don’t seem to see me any more!”
One of the many benefits of the Zen Approach, is that you will feel peaceful and content being single, and yet embody the optimum state to attract your ideal partner, into your life. You will also learn how this approach naturally deepens your relationship with your ideal partner, into unconditional love … a pre-requisite for a love affair over a lifetime.
An added benefit is increased levels of energy and vitality, regardless of the external circumstances in your life. You will become more productive with much less effort. Procrastination and fear will be a thing of the past! How would you like to have that much get up and go and not be stressed! Do you know how attractive you will be to other people? A number of my graduates have commented “people are noticing me and smiling at me… something has definitely changed!”

Best of all, the Zen Approach is very simple to understand and apply. The challenge lies in making the decision to transcend your mind by living in the present moment. In order to assist you in making this decision, and to show you step by step, how to live in this new way, a book and course is available.

Michelle Stanton is a Zone Expert. She conducts courses on "How to Attract Your Ideal Partner" for singles, "In Love for Life" for couples and "How Winners become Champions" for companies around Australia.

My email address is

The web address is

Michelle Stanton 
Author, Course Facilitator & Life Coach.

Michelle attracted her ideal partner more than 20 years ago. Having experienced the joy of unconditional love with a kindred spirit, she is committed to sharing her “secrets” of success, so that others may experience it too.

She has tertiary qualifications in Science, Education and Marketing as well as training in NLP, Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Silva Mind Control, TM Meditation, Reiki and the Alexander Technique. But her main qualification for facilitating this course comes from her own life experiences. 

After many years of facilitating personal leadership courses based on positive thinking & belief change in companies such as Diners Club and Motorola Australia... Michelle experienced the state of "flow" through an awakening of consciousness in a hospital bed in 1995. 

Her books, courses and life coaching are based on a culmination of 8 years of consolidating her understanding of How Life Works… a powerful new paradigm, she has called "The Zen Approach".