How To Write A Profile And Make It Work For You!

How To Write A Profile And Make It Work For You!

A Guide For ‘Non-Writers’ By: David Newton © Jan 2000

Find yourself short of a little self-expression? Here are a few FAST TIPS to get you going, read on.

1. When you log onto the create a profile page, the best thing is to write as fast as you think. Whatever you do, do not edit the text and waste time. You can do that later on. Most professional writers will touch up the copy after, and you do not need to be perfect.

2. Avoid saying negatives in your profile body copy ie, “.. I don’t want to meet liars or cheats, like my last boyfriend,..” or comments like “I don’t want a casual affair” ,.. Guess what, …by saying the negative, you will certainly attract it all the more! Rather, focus on what you really want, and be reasonable about that too. Males mostly ask for slim size 8 women and women ask for men over 6 feet. Talk about predictable! … You wouldn’t believe how many personal ads ask exactly the same thing!

3. The more you write the more you can sell yourself. And you are most likely to attract better responses. Tip: look at other profiles that are in your age group that are pulling high responses. Be friendly in your wording, ie say “Hi” or “You’ll find me friendly and approachable, write to me and see…” or “I’ll respond to all emails,..” the point is, you need to make yourself sound friendly and likeable. If they like you then you will get responses. “Long Copy” or plenty of words is best … remember, they don’t know you,.. so help others get to like you and really know you. 3 line proflies are a waste of time. Be prepared to write about 250 words or about 300 words if you really want to get good quality responses.

4. Be prepared to vary your copy after you have gotten feedback from those who read it. Frequently I’ll ask respondents what they most liked about my profile, and also what they needed to understand; I then changed that part to make myself understandable. Never assume that because you know what you are talking about, that others will automatically follow. They have their own unique understanding of the world.

5. Consider a listing in the “Premium Section” section. This section puts your profile in one of the highest contacted groups we have available. Chances are that you can get a potential partner faster and be out on a date almost right away. A “premium” listing can increase your responses up to 10 times. Ask yourself,.. am I really interested in meeting someone,.. or what? Get a “premium” listing and you’ll be meeting people FAST. After all, just listing your profile for free …. and doing nothing will not get results.

6. Remember, the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. And if you are really serious about finding a partner, why put in a token effort? …. Makes me wonder why lottery tickets are so popular.

7. Don’t act too serious; use your good sense of humor in your profile body copy. Remember that if you do act a little playful it will make you more approachable, and you guessed it, you’ll get better responses.