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How to meet Singles On-line

By: David Newton (c) 2007

You don’t need to be single and lonely in the Internet Age

If you are single and lonely today then don’t despair. Meeting new people has never been easier than it is right now. There has never been a better time in history to meet and connect with other like-minded singles. All you need is a computer, Internet access, an e-mail address and a willingness to try. In this series of articles we will give you some great ideas, tips and strategies on how you can expand your social network, meet lots of great new people and potentially meet the man or woman of your dreams.

Let me tell you a little about my background and how I came to be writing this article. I am just an average person, of average looks and background. I was particularly shy and introverted as a teenager and found making new friends difficult. In my early twenties I married and settled into a standard suburban lifestyle. Seven years later I found that the wheels had fallen off, divorce was pending and I was alone in the world. To make things worse I also moved location and found that my social circle was non-existent. Ever been in a similar situation?

It was then that I discovered the Internet as a great way to meet new people. It opened up a whole new world of possibility to meet people both locally and abroad. I meet lots of great new friends, fell in love with a wonderful lady from overseas and discovered that if you are single you don’t have to be alone today in the Internet age.

The Internet took a lot of the complexity out of meeting people, no more feeling self-conscious, or feeling awkward about meeting strangers at night clubs. No more blind dates that your best friend set you up on. The Internet makes dating for today’s single easy, fun and above all gets great results. I was so impressed with the Internet as a tool for meeting singles, I even started my own Singles social club on-line called

So what makes the Internet such a great tool for meeting other like–minded singles?

Well there are lots of reasons, but here are four great reasons for starters:

  Endless choice

There is endless choice in finding a prospective partner on-line. The Internet has rapidly become popular with today’s single. As a result there are literally thousands of singles on-line today looking to meet someone just like you. One Australian on-line dating site claims to have over 1,350,000 members, you would need to go to a lot of night clubs to have that sort of choice. You could be meeting a new person every night of the week with the Internet if you wanted to and have an extremely busy social life.


One of the great things about the Internet is that you can remain anonymous as long as you like. You can begin meeting people on-line and finding out about them whilst maintaining your anonymity. Only when you feel completely comfortable do you need to then reveal who you are if you want to progress things to the next level.

Time efficient

Meeting people on-line first and finding out about them is far more time efficient than doing so in the real world. If you are meeting people at a night club, or singles party you are limited to how many people you can get to know in any one night. You usually end up talking to a few people for most of the night. With the Internet though you can sift through large numbers of prospective dates quickly and efficiently, spending more time getting to know quality people.

  Cost effective

If you are smart, meeting people on-line can be very cost effective and in a lot of cases free. Through clever use of on-line profiles and the various tools available, you can be meeting lots of people on-line without it costing you a fortune. Using the “Law of Attraction” you can attract large numbers of singles to you.

So how do you get started in looking for love on-line?

So where do you start to find the man or woman of your dreams on-line? Well there are many places to look, the Internet is an abundant expanding universe. You could spend forever just looking for places to look. You could try chat rooms, on-line communities, dating sites, personals sites, instant messaging, web cam sites, and a host of other places.

In our next article we will explore in depth the best places to find other singles on-line. But for now lets look at a couple of key steps you should take in getting ready to look. (I’m assuming here that you at least have access to the Internet.)

Your unique nick

It’s important that you create for yourself a unique on-line nickname. Its worth giving a lot of thought to this ahead of time as your nick is usually the first thing that people find out about you, and it can say a lot about your intentions and who you are as a person. A poorly chosen nick can have you eliminated and ignored before you even get to say “Hi”. On the other hand, a well chosen nick that attracts people will see your options double or triple.

The nick you choose should reflect a positive image of you. One that will attract people to you rather than drive them away. Don’t use negative words like lonely, bored, shy, desperate, homeless, dumped, divorced, or others.

Try and choose a name that uses what I call power words. In other words, what are the characteristics that the opposite sex is looking for in your gender? Make a list of at least 20 characteristics that you think the opposite sex is looking for in you. Once you have made a list, scan through it and pick out a couple of key words.

For example, most ladies would love to meet a guy who is successful, sophisticated, stylish, positive, ambitious, relaxed, focused, inspired, active, leader, independent, caring, honest, compassionate, spiritual, forthright, take charge, family oriented, intelligent, cultured, dynamic, funny, easy going, sociable, refined, dignified, selective and more.

Make a similar list of characteristics you can think of. Go over the list and pick out the two or three that most describe your personality and use those as a base for your new nickname. A good idea is to include the age group of the person you are trying to attract. So for example you might choose ‘sophisticated40’s’ or ‘ambitious30’s’ or ‘successfully independent’. Have fun with this and make up some great new nicks for your on-line self. This is a worthwhile exercise even if you currently have a nickname on the net.

Never use your real name as part of your nick. It is important that you choose a nick that does not immediately identify you. As great as the Internet is to meet people you need to be aware that on the odd occasion there are some nuts out there, so keep your nick non-descript of you.

Your contact point

Once you have chosen your nick you should use it in all your efforts of meeting people on-line. Use it when you go into chat rooms, use it on-line profiles and use it for your email address.

I suggest you set up a separate e-mail account solely for the purpose of meeting people. This way you will be able to stay organized when you are meeting lots of people on-line. Never use your personal e-mail address for reasons stated before.The e-mail address you set up should be

There are many places you can get free e-mail accounts from. Try one of these listed below:

In our next article we will start to look at all the places on-line that you can go to start meeting new people. We will show you what works, what doesn’t, what will waste your time and money, and what will produce you great results. There are so many options available to you that you could spend a lot of time sifting through them all. We will show you the quickest, easiest and most effective place to meet other singles on-line.

Until then, have fun with coming with some creative, unique and attractive nicknames for yourself. Don’t forget to also get yourself set up with an email account using the nickname you finally settle on.

Don’t forget next month to look out for the follow up article ‘Where to meet singles on-line’

© 2007 David Newton All Rights Reserved

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