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How To Date Older Mature Women

How To Date Older Mature Women
Copyright: David Newton 
Friday, July 08, 2005

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  • So you think you want to date with older women? 
  • How easy – or difficult is it to do? 
  • Do I have what older women are looking for?
  • Do I know what older women want?

    Dating older women is not a new thing. Infact it’s been around since time immortal. Studies have revealed that the age gap in younger men older women can be traced back to human pre-history. And in some cultures it’s even a social norm. And some Current Affairs TV shows think they were the first to actually discover it....

    Motives for Dating
    There are three main motives behind the attraction. Older women are attracted to a younger guy if he can show he has traits not found in the mature woman’s experience with males her own age. Secondly, younger males like to date an older woman who isn’t hung up on status symbols which seems to be more keenly sought after by the younger women he might normally date. Thirdly, the conversation between the younger man older woman can sometimes be much more interesting for both of them. But I wouldn’t always say these are the only motives, people are unique, and the motives to date can number in the many hundreds of variations.

    What about the SEX?
    As a result, these differences can yield an amazing connection with both a man and a woman. And if the resulting union or relationship propagates, the sex can be liberating for them both. At some level, an age gap relationship gets both lovers away from the “normal benchmarks” dating lovers seem put themselves through. Being ‘free to be yourself’ around an older woman can be great for a younger guy. Same too for a mature woman, she can also experience the freedom to be herself around a younger guy, thus both get something satisfying from the union.

    How do you Date an Older Woman?
    Firstly, you must understand, in Australia at least there are more available women than men wanting to date. And as the ages go up, there are even more women available to date. Purely on a mathematical basis, there are more women there for you right? OK.
    But don’t assume "ALL" of them want the same thing – because they don’t. 

    There is an old saying about walking in another person’s shoes to really understand them. If you want to date an older woman, start by hanging out with them, or where they are likely to go. It’s best if I lead you with an example or two. 

    Take an Art Course, or a Writing Course at your local CAE or TAFE.
    Join a Public Speaking Club and pick a club with the older members
    Join a Social Club for Singles that has older members attending – not that hard to do really
    Talk to women at your local Bus Stop or on the bus on your way to work
    Join a dance club in social dancing i.e. Ceroc Dancing, Salsa, Tango or Ballroom Dancing (it's amazingly popular, trust me on this)

    I have found that running my own social dinner group for singles has made it easier to meet women of any age. But you’ll have to do your own homework. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

    Be a good listener – learn how to really listen and understand
    Take an interest in many things – especially things that relate to an older generation
     Dress appropriately – nothing can be worse than a sloppy dresser to an older woman!
     Learn to talk about other issues than just sport or your career

    OK so you have her number now where to go to a date?
    Keep it soft. My ideal is to take a walk through the city art gallery. Or you can go for a walk by the beach during summer time. The trouble with most dating singles is they go for dinner dates and forget to talk. Thus they never get to know each other due to the "formality" of such a date. Big mistake! Huge, Big!

    Be casual and meet during the day time and really get to know each other by lots of interesting chit chat. The way to a woman’s heart is orally, that is lots of talking. Show her you can be cheerful and interesting and let her simply enjoy your company. You don’t have to impress her with your car or other status symbols. Just show her you are willing to share quality time with her – its that easy. 

    If you both had a great day time out, she may even ask you out for dinner! Let her make the approach. And she will if you show her you care and listen to her. Nature will take its own course. If it doesn’t don’t worry, maybe next time, but don’t be pushy. But don’t be too shy either, not to hold her hands while walking and talking along the beach or in the art gallery. At least you need to let her know you have an interest in her. 

    Am I what an Older Woman is looking for?
    You’d be silly not to ASK AN OLDER WOMAN how you “shape up” and that’s why you need to have friends who are already older women. After all, some of them can easily introduce you to their attractive girlfriends. 

    So it’s a networking move you seriously need to implement. If you move in those circles you’ll find dating an older woman will be five times easier as you’ll be referred from a “trusted source” – thing is you’ll need to be a ‘good old boy’ yourself, as if you screw it up, you’ll get expelled from her friendly kind mature help. But asking the help of other women is needed if you want to hone your dating skills with older women anyway.

    What do you want from Older Women?
    If it’s just the sex, why not date a call-girl. That way you won’t offend anyone. I’ve even found some guys date older women only to later discover they didn’t like it. So please - be clear - on if it’s merely a fantasy, or a ‘real desire’ to BE WITH an older woman. You may find you like it but you lack the skills to hold her attention. If so, having another mature female-friend from the union may help you learn from while you continue to date other older mature women may help you. Don’t discard women like yesterdays paper. It’s in your own best interests to make female friends for the longer term regardless of the outcome from a few dates.

    Dating Older Women


  • Dating Older Women


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